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A blend of passion, energy, spellbinding storylines and the most spectacular staging define the magic of Spanish magician Edama. Original and creative ideas in the service of your illusions.

Acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike, his mind-blowing magic reaches into the most hidden depths of the audience’s mind, evoking emotions and transforming what for others is merely a dream into reality.


A magic trick set sparked Amadeo Edama's passion for illusionism at a very young age, a passion that only grew over time as Edama’s interests expanded into the magical arts and he began to practice and perform sleight of hand tricks with cards and coins. He quickly made a name for himself and gradually shifted towards more theatrical paths.

He spent a number of years working on musical magic performances, with acts that gradually grew more and more spectacular, and has focused his master talent on great stage illusions for the past 15 years.

Edama found the type of magic that truly allowed him to express himself as an artist in the complexity of Stage Illusions. This specialization motivated the start of his collaborative work with artists from other fields.

For Edama, magic is a comprehensive artistic expression and, beyond the logical honing of his skills by studying magic techniques and his ongoing research into new concepts in illusionism, he has included as part of his artistic training theater performance, stage and lighting design, classical and contemporary dance, body language and other performing arts.
At present, Edama continues to combine his facet as a performer illusionist with the creation and production of several shows. His work as a magician has earned him a number of awards and recognitions, and his artistic creations have been featured at top magic festivals, theaters, TV programs, etc.
Wellcome to the most spectacular magic


Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth

Theodor Adorno


A show for every need

Throughout his wide artistic career, Edama has staged and produced numerous shows. Below you can see some examples of shows that are currently in his repertory. If you want more information, or if you need something different for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

small to big magic shows

Let the Magic Begin!

Edama’s most basic show, this is a GRAND magical experience adapted to a small venue. A show for all audiences with jaw-dropping illusions designed for occasions where space is limited. Choose this option and... let the magic begin!

master of grand illusions


An hour of pure entertainment in which wonder and the impossible take over the stage. The illusions performed by Edama are mixed with active audience participation. Versatile, flexible, designed for a small theater, large convention room and even outdoor spaces.

Family magic for all audiences

A Journey through Dreamland

Light, music and magic. A dynamic Grand Illusions show that weave inspiring storytelling with fresh and modern music and dancers that deliver rhythm, color and sensuality. A journey full of mystery, appearing and disappearing acts, impossible sawing illusions, humor... and many surprises.

Award winning Spanish magician illusionist

The Art of the Impossible

Discover the biggest live magic like you’ve never seen before: impossibly high levitations, amazing apparitions, sawing a woman in half, jaw-dropping disappearances, magical transformations, pass through illusions... all paired with pyrotechnics, spellbinding music and spectacular lights. A magical theatrical experience charged with positive energy and humor to enjoy with the whole family.

Magician winner of the Spanish National Magic Prize

The New Art of the Impossible

Pure Edama.
The illusionist’s latest show. A twist on the acclaimed “The Art of the Impossible”. More modern, more magical, more entertaining, more spectacular than ever, complete with a tremendous finale. In "The New Art of the Impossible" you'll be the first to enjoy a never-seen-before experience of the latest of Edama’s state-of-the-art creations.

The best magic for your gala show

Shows for Events

Whether it's an event, a corporate presentation, or a show with other artists, Edama delivers the surprise and showiness you’re looking for. Acts specially prepared for these formats or, if you prefer, you may choose extracts of any of his other shows. No matter the duration or caliber of your event, if you’re looking for something spectacular, Edama is your best choice.

The art of a magician is to create wonder

If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy

Doug Henning


Freeze an instant in time and make it eternal... is that not magic?

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